39th Stratton Brook XC Invitational

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Final Team Entry Reports Posted for 39th Stratton Brook XC Invitational

9/8/2019 - 9:15pm

The final Team Entry reports for the 39th Stratton Brook Invitational slated for Saturday September 14, 2019 at Stratton Brook Park in Simsbury CT are available below for coaches who have completed their Athletic.net event entries by the entry deadline.

1. Please address any further meet administration questions to meet directors: Erik Petersen (email: erikcp2232@gmail.com ) and Megan Shumway (email: mshumway@simsbury.k12.ct.us ). Please include your school name and contact phone number in all correspondence.

2. Do not send any emails for scratching athletes from the meet.

3. Entry fees MUST be paid prior to the meet or a copy of an approved school P.O. submitted prior to the meet.

4. On race day, run only 7 VARSITY ATHLETES for the Boys and Girls Varsity Races. All other non-varsity high school athletes can run in the JV races. There is no need to decide who runs in which race until race day. You may run an unlimited number of athletes in the non-varsity races however, they must run with their assigned number and SHOE CHIP.

Coaches Instructions for Shoe Chip and Bib Number:

  • All runners will be issued a Shoe Chip and a corresponding Bib number.
    In addition to the bib numbers that have been used in the past, each team will be issued timing chips which will be secured to the athletes' left or right foot. The chip can be laced into the shoelaces or secured with the twist ties provided. The chips and ties will be issued in a zippered pouch.

    At the end of the race, coaches must retrieve the chips from their athletes, place them in the pouch, and return them to the registration tent. There will be a charge of $20 for each missing chip or pouch. Additional instructions will be provided in the packet coaches receive upon arrival at the meet.

    Because of the switch to chip timing, there are no finish chutes at the finish line. Athletes must NOT STOP on the finish line and should continue to move to promptly exit the finish line area.
  • It is very important that the coach follow these simple rules:
    1. Every Coach must issue the correct bib number and shoe chip assigned to each athlete.
    2. Instruct athletes to attach bib number to front of shirt and secure their chip to either shoe using their shoelace or twist ties.
    3. Put your athletes in a race.
    4. After each race is completed each coach collects the shoe chip from every athlete and returns all chips in team pouch to registration table.  
    Very EASY!!
39th Stratton Brook Invite-Final Entries.pdf
9/8/2019 9:14 PMRon F Knapp
39th Stratton Brook Invite-Final Team Divisions.pdf
9/8/2019 9:14 PMRon F Knapp
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