​Order of Events:

2019 SCC Coaches Invitational Order of Events and Time Schedule

Note: The Girls meet will start no earlier than the times listed on this schedule.

Times listed are subject to change due to scratches and unforeseen circumstances. 

9:00am Long Jump   2:15 p.m. Long Jump
 High Jump   High Jump
 Pole Vault    Pole Vault
 Shot Put    Shot Put
9:00am4 x 200m Relay   2:15 p.m.4 x 200m Relay
 4 x 800m Relay    4 x 800m Relay
 55m High Hurdles Trials    55m High Hurdles Trials
 55m Dash Trials    55m Dash Trials
 1000m Run    1000m Run
 600m Run    600m Run
 55m High Hurdles Finals    55m High Hurdles Finals
 55m Dash Finals    55m Dash Finals
 1600m Run    1600m Run
 1600m SMR (4-2-2-8)  1600m SMR (4-2-2-8)
 300m Dash    300m Dash
 3200m Run    3200m Run
 4 x 400m Relay   4 x 400m Relay
     Meet End


​Event Standards:

2019 SCC Coaches Invitational Event Standards

Boys Qualifying Standards  Girls Qualifying Standards
Field Events  Field Events
12 lb.Shot 38' 0"  4kg. Shot 28'0"
High Jump 5'8"  High Jump 4'8"
Long Jump 18'4"  Long Jump 14'6"
Pole Vault 10'0"  Pole Vault 7'6"
Track Events Electric - FAT Track Events Electric - FAT
55m Dash 7.14  55m Dash 8.14
55m Hurdles 9.04  55m Hurdles 10.44
300m Dash 39.74  300m Dash 47.24
600m Run1:34.24  600m Run1:50.24
1000m Run2:52.24  1000m Run3:30.24
1600m Run 4:55.24  1600m Run 5:55.24
3200m Run 10:30.24  3200m Run 12:50.24
4x800m Relay 9:10.00 4x800m Relay 11:00.00
4x400m Relay 3:55.00  4x400m Relay 4:38.00
4x200m Relay 1:45.00  4x200m Relay 2:00.00
1600m Sprint Medley Relay 4:00.00  1600m Sprint Medley Relay 4:50.00


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