Jan 20
Team Entry Reports Posted for 2019 CCC Indoor TF Championships

The team entry reports for the CCC Indoor Track and Field Championship scheduled for Saturday, January 26, 2019 are available on the Meet Reports page at the meet website in HTML and PDF formats. Reports include Performance List and separate Team Entries reports for Boys and Girls. Reports are based upon entries received by the 6:00pm deadline.

1. Scratches will be accepted on MEET DAY prior to the start of the meet. Do not email requests for scratches or replacement athletes

2. Coaches who have made an error in forgetting to enter an athlete in an event to the posted entries after the entry deadline must email BOTH MEET DIRECTOR A.J. LaPlant laplant.aj@easthartford.org AND Ron Knapp at ezmeetentry@cs.com prior to 2:00pm, Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019.  Coaches must include: Subject: CCC Championship, their own name, telephone number, Name of School, Athlete's First-Last Name, Grade, Event, Qualifying Mark as well as meet, date where mark was performed as part of the email message for prompt review and response. Incomplete requests will be rejected.

3. The Performance lists are provided for reference only and are subject to changes based on decisions by the Seeding Committee review and scratches on meet day which result in re-seeding. The clerk of course at the meet will have the official start lists.


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