Jan 04
Final Event Entry Reports Posted for SWC Development 1

The event entry reports for the SWC Development 1 meet scheduled for Saturday, January 6, 2018 are available at the EZ Meet Services Indoor Meet Reports page in HTML and PDF formats for on-time entries. Reports include Team Entries reports for Boys and Girls. Reports are based upon entries received by the 3:00pm deadline.

1. Scratches will be accepted on MEET DAY prior to the start of the meet. Do not email scratch requests.

2. Please address all event entry questions to Yvonne Grimes at grimeseven@aol.com . Make sure to include in your email the Subject: SWC Dev Meet 1, your name, school, contact phone and detailed information for prompt review.

3. The meet entry file has been provided to GrimesTimes. The reports are provided for reference only and are subject to changes based on scratches which result in re-seeding. The clerk of course at the meet will have the official start lists.

Further meet information is available at the SWC Development 1 Meet Info page.


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