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Team Entry Reports Posted for 28th Wilton XC Invitational 

The Team Entry reports for the 28th Wilton XC Invitational have been made available below for coaches who have completed their Head Count event entries by the entry deadline.

  1. Do not send any emails for scratching athletes from the meet.
  2. Please address all meet entry and administration questions to: Jim Gerweck at  and Jeff Gee at  as soon as possible. Please include your school name and contact phone number in all correspondence.
  3. On race day, run only 10 VARSITY ATHLETES for the Boys and Girls Varsity Races. All other non-varsity high school athletes can run in the JV races. There is no need to decide who runs in which race until race day since everyone receives a chip. You may run an unlimited number of athletes in the non-varsity races.
  4. Please make sure to make your entry fee payment as soon as possible.


28th Wilton XC Invite On-time Entries.pdf
9/13/2016 8:45 PMRon F Knapp
28th Wilton XC Invite On-time Teams.pdf
9/13/2016 8:45 PMRon F Knapp
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